I am Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics with a joint appointment in the Department of Romance Languages and the Department of Linguistics at the University of Georgia. I am also faculty in the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute where I serve as the coordinator for the Quechua Language Program.

Goings on

For an overview of my current (and recent) projects, go to my research page, which also includes recent/forthcoming publications and presentations. For news regarding current research, teaching, graduate student goings-on, and other follies, please check out my Twitter feed. For information regarding my current class schedule and office hours, please consult my contact information below. My current cv has the most up-to-date summary of what’s going on.

Current students are encouraged to consult the Resources page of my website. This (non)exhaustive list provides an overview of different resources that will help in your research, teaching, and non-UGA life. Prospective students might have a look at the list of students whose work I’ve directed.

Schedule (Fall 2021)

  1. Endangered Languages: Sustaining the World’s Voices (FYOS 1001)
  2. Office Hours: Available by appointment only

Graduate Coordinator

As of Fall 2020, I will be serving as Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Linguistics. Current students should feel free to contact me regarding advisement and any other program-related questions. Prospective students are encouraged to contact me as well with questions related to UGA’s graduate offerings in linguistics. Below are a few helpful links for students (current and prospective):

Review Editor for SHLL

I also serve as the Review Editor for the journal Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics. Reviews of academic books (e.g., monographs, edited volumes, handbooks, etc.) are generally solicited individually. If you would like for your book or volume to be considered for a review in SHLL, please have your commissioning editor arrange for a copy to be delivered to us. If you are working on a review, I strongly suggest reading the many excellent samples that have been published in previous volumes. There are also a number of useful guides and how-to’s available that can help you as you put together your submission–such as this article by Casey Brienza from Inside Higher Ed and this insightful resource prepared by Tala Khanmalek.